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In its 36th year of activity, the Choir Amici della Montagna, decided to renew its website and to chance its name to

Associazione Corale Città di Genova

Actually we are always the same: and then why this change?

Main reason is because in these 35 years we gradually left the traditional mountains singing going towards songwriters’ songs, tracks able to tell stories, describe situations, express feelings and provoke emotions, without any needs to be specifically related to a particular environment. We do not disown the tradition of the Choirs the wrote the history of choral singing, and that still give us dear emotions but we need to develop our conception of singing in wider spaces. Then we decided to remove from our name the reference to the mountains, that anyway remains in our hearts, in order to fully express ourselves.

Only the time will tell if this choice has been the right one.

Our history before the change of the name

The Choir Amici della Montagna founded in Genoa in 1973 by a group of lovers of the mountains, its traditions and its songs, has always followed the current of Bepi de Marzi’s songs.

The Choir is nowadays formed by more than 45 elements (between choristers and apprentices), directed by Enrico Derchi, and has developed its own personality, continuously looking for less-know tracks, but always faithful to environmental respect and human dignity.
Already in 1979, for the favour of critics and audience, the Choir received the Ligurian Regional Award for Folk music.
In 1997 the Choir has been nominated Official Choir of the Italian Hiking Federation (FIE).
Since 2005 the Choir is established as “Associazione Coro Amici della Montagna – Genova”, open also to non-chorister members, with the aim to add to the traditional musical activities also social and aggregation initiatives.

Concerts in Italy

The Choir, in its more than 30 years of activity, sang almost everywhere in Italy: from the Church of Courmayeur for mountain guides’ feast, to the Sferisterio of Macerata, from Bolzano Fair Centre for Dolomite’s Festival, to the Cenacle of Santa Croce in Florence, adding up more than 700 gigs.
In Genoa it sang in all the most important theatres, including the Auditorium Carlo Felice (an opera house which hosted, among others, Bruce Springsteen and Sting), the Salone del Maggior Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale (the same of G8 meeting, in July 2001), and the Salone del Gonfalone of Palazzo Tursi, the town hall.
As a celebration for its 25th year of activity the Choir had the joy of singing during the Holy Mass in the cathedral of Genoa and great pleasure of share the stage with the Choir “I Crodaioli”, directed by Bepi de Marzi, in an unforgettable gig at Gustavo Modena Theatre in Sampierdarena.
On December 2001 the choir has been invited to sing the National Anthem, harmonized just for the Choir by the master Agostino Dodero, at the Mamelian Days (a celebration for the anthem’s writer, Goffredo Mameli, who was born in Genoa), in the Museum of the Risorgimento, in the presence of the highest local authorities.

Concerts abroad

In December 1993 the Choir took part in the Advent Celebrations organized by the city of Vienna, and it had the great honour of singing in the Feast’s Room of the town hall of the Austrian capital city.
In 2001, as Official Choir of the Italian Hiking Federation (FIE), the Choir has been the only Italian group invited to EURORANDO 2001, a week of meetings, exhibitions, debates and concerts organized by the European Hiking Federation (FEE) in Strasbourg on September 2001.
In the French city the Choir took part in the gala gig at Rheneus Hall, together with other groups proceeding from all over Europe, it sang at Colmar’s Ecomusee and it paraded in Strasbourg in the final day of the Festival.
In June 2006 the Choir did a tour in the U.K., singing at Rochester Cathedral, in Kemsing and Swanscombe.

Other activities

The Choir recorded 2 LP, a tape and 4 CD. In December 2007 published a song-book with tracks harmonized for the Choir by the Genoese musician Agostino Dodero.(see “Discography”). It organized 5 National Choral Contests and several festivals, as well as a great number of benefit gigs.
In September 2006, together with the Assessorato alla Cultura of Provincia di Genova, it organized a Stage called “Two days singing with Bepi De Marzi”, in which several aspects or choral singing have been discussed.
On 2007, March 13th, it sang at Teatro Duse of Genova, invited by the Assessorato alla Cultura of Provincia di Genova for the delivery of the premium “Provincia senza Frontiere” to Mario Rigoni Stern. The choir prepared a special gig based on singing and reading of the works of this great writer.
In September 2007 , together with Municipio IV Media Val Bisagno, it organized two gigs with the famous Spanish Choir “Villa de Madrid”, while in 2008, together with Lions Club International di Genova it organized a concert with the Choeur Neil-Michaud (Moncton N.B.Canada).
In May 2009, it celebrated its 35° years with a concert at Salone del Maggior Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, at the presence of the Major and the highest local authorities.